Thursday, December 16, 2010

And once again a snow day

Two pals, Christopher my black cat and Bliss my yellow lab, watch out the deck doors from my studio. They both spend a lot of time looking out the doors watching. Christopher is allowed up into the loft and so looks out the church windows there as well.
This is what the boyz are watching - but I think Bliss is hoping to see the Dread Red. The little birds are just a few of the flock of about 50 and often more birds that frequent my feeders all winter. The little birds as I call them consist of goldfinches, nuthatches, juncoes, American tree sparrows, English sparrows, house finches, sometimes purple finches and of course the ubiquitous chickadees.
The little birds gather on the railing and this small bird feeder, made to look like a bakery, as well as feeding from the deck on the seeds that I throw there or that the larger birds - blue jays and woodpeckers as well as mourning doves toss onto the deck as they search for the best ones.

Bliss won't last long before he's pawing or lunging at the door after the squirrel or begging me to take him and Spirit his brother out. Yesterday it was sunny and I got onto the snowshoes (thank you Bill - -  for your recent reminder on how and when to use them) and tramped all around the pasture. But of course that was yesterday and as you can see from the photo above - it's snowing again - and may tomorrow as well. I'm going to have to brave the snow-covered roads. Christmas is way too close!

Hope you don't have too much snow wherever you are (You especially Mindy who hates snow but loves Christmas - so you can get out and finish up Christmas tasks or get to work and home again safely and easily. Enjoy the day!

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