Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sarah and Chloe

Two beautiful blonde Labrador retrievers, Sarah on the left and her half sister Chloe, pose for the camera.

This is the first time I've seen these girls sitting still. They are happy dogs, young - Sarah is six and Chloe four - and full of energy. Their family has taken them to Florida for a few weeks, where they've been swimming in the pool and avoiding the alligators that inhabit the little lake on the golf course.

When they first came to the wee church, they bolted out of their car, briefly touched noses with my completely befuddled boys and then began to run around, sniffing at everything. They lapped at the pond and my two-legged friend thought they might jump in - of course she's now got them trained to listen to her as well as her partner so that won't likely happen again. So the girls and the boys - all Labs together - ran around the property putting up birds, making mice and moles run for cover and generally having a ball while the human contingent of the walk just kept hoping that no mishaps would occur with the four whirling dirvishes. It was a success, though it left the two-leggeds a bit breathless.

I have had a lot of dogs in my life but I have to say that Labs are so much fun - these two beautiful girls are a case in point. Their faces are expressive and they are so responsive to humans, affectionate, willing and fun-loving.

If you have a dog - I hope you enjoy them today as much as they enjoy being with you! And if you don't - I hope you enjoy knowing your friends or neighbours are having to "pick up" after their dogs today... LOL

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  1. What a beautiful animal and a FANTASTIC shot! I love the reflections. I unfortunately don't have a dog but I treat my moms dog like my own. She comes to stay with me and I take her out lol She is spoiled rotten :)