Friday, November 19, 2010

Headin' south?

Yesterday I was driving into town and was stopped by the sight of hundreds of Canada geese standing on the banks and floating in the river bend next to the road.

I got out of the car camera in hand. As soon as I shut the door - (what is it about car doors shutting that alerts animals and birds do you think?) the honking began.

The guardian birds were noisy and instantly birds that had been lying down were on their feet and looking around. Some were already starting their goose-walk into the air.

Just as I got to the edge of the road - the air was filled with a roar. I've never heard such a noise. The whole gang rose as one except for one small flock.
I didn't have the movie setting open on the camera and missed some great shots unfortunately. But this small contingent shows how close together they were.

Disappointed I got back in the car and resumed my journey, but my eyes were skyward as I watched the geese heading out towards the lake - north? what's this? - then they broke into smaller groups while one large group flew towards where I knew two large ponds were situated on a nearby farm. Wanting more rest? The smaller ones continued flying towards the lake, but then turned back to the river.

They must be members of the southern Ontario gang that my biologist friend refers to when he talks about the geese that remain here year round and fly from field to lake to field to river and back again. What was fascinating was the huge number in one place. Was it the heavy rain the previous night that had driven them to gather at this relatively quiet spot?

Bird habits are fascinating.

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  1. Wow I bet that was a magnificent sight. I got excited because I saw about 9 geese flying together, I can't even imagine how awesome it was to see all of these!