Sunday, November 7, 2010

The guardian

While driving back from Owen Sound on one of the many back roads the other day, I came across a number of fascinating things I'd not seen before.

The picture at right is one of them. I've seen donkeys, dogs and goats guarding sheep and all kinds of other animals but never an alpaca - at least I think it's an alpaca and not a llama - in a close up it looks more like the former. It's wearing a little coloured halter.

It was the only one of its kind with a flock of about a dozen roly poly sheep and I just had to stop. I wish I could have fit all the sheep into the picture but I would have had to be way back in another farmer's field and it was posted. It is still hunting season so I figured I best stay on the road, but the sight of all these sheep and one totally different animal brought me to a grinding halt as I was meandering along.

When I got out of the car, the sheep all raised their heads and gazed at me. The llama or alpaca of whatever it is, had been lying with its neck stretched way out and became concerned when the car door shut, so it too looked in my direction. It stared at me for quite a while, then must have figured a. I had no food, or b. I was benign and wasn't going to bother anyone, specially its charges - the sheep, or c. all of the above, for it stretched it's neck out again and went back to sleep.

I laughed as I got back in the car. Such a sight!

That was when the hunters had passed by me and gotten out of their truck to scoop the many funny little adventures that day... I am truly blessed to live in this glorious and interesting part of the world.


  1. You see the most amazing things!! I am lucky to see a deer LOL!! I will just live vicariously though you :)

  2. AWWWW thanks Mindy - I love your photos of your town, so I get my urban fix from you! I'm happy to have you share my country adventures.

  3. I love the idea of one species guarding another, and that alpaca is so humorous, lifting its long neck to check you out. I didn't know they were used like that.