Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dread Red

Ever since they were pups, my two Labrador retrievers have chased things. They are four now - and for the past three years the focus of much attention, barking, chasing and excitement has been the red squirrels who persistently devour the black oil sunflower seeds I put out for the birds.

The dogs have always understood their job is to chase the dreaded red squirrel...and not let it eat all the bird seed.  I've taken to calling the whole lot of them "The Dread Red." Fanciful I know.

But they are so, so.... so present! And they seem to be everywhere... waiting like this little guy until the dogs lose interest - which of course they never do unless I drag them away in disgust at their lack of ability to make it go away.

I'm sure there is a family - not just one - living just under the front of my wee church - in fact I heard them burbling and complaining to each other just at the entry way to the actual church building in one corner... oh goodness, that means - well you know what that means... getting rid of squirrels is so difficult. I don't want them chewing the wires or living inside.

And then I saw this (at left)-  two heads buried in the grass - do they have the scent?

Are they going to chase that squirrel away forever?

Alas they were only eating grass! The Dread Red was safe for another day.

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  1. I had to laugh at the shot of the dogs! They are on a mission. I can't even imagine how crazy they get but I can kid of picture it :)

    We went to a park over in Kentucky the other day and there were TONS of squirrels and I just couldn't fathom where they all came from. I think they multiply like a cartoon lol