Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do not disturb!

Boy oh boy this downy woodpecker was annoyed with me for opening the door to try and catch a photo while it was at my deck feeder. You can tell by the glare in its eye.

I'm always surprised that birds can give you attitude!

Or display emotion at all. A sparrow flew into my house yesterday as I was bringing in the daily quota of wood for my's how I heat my home mostly. When it finally stopped flying round and round hitting windows and frantically trying to escape, it landed on my kitchen window sill.

Since I've removed the screens, I knew I could release the bird and hoped it wouldn't fly away as I approached. Instead it looked over its shoulder at me with an expression of fear and hope... I was so surprised - again! It didn't budge when I reached past plants on the sill and picked it up moving a couple of feet to the open window to release it.

It flew immediately to the big blue spruce leaning against the drive shed in the back yard.  I'm sure it told all its family to be more careful around the church and watch where they fly. Hopefully.

I've had birds fly in here before, and bats, but it sets my heart pounding until I can release them. I've been fortunate so far. Always something happening around here though - at least it seems that way. Little things that capture my attention for a bit and return once in a while to give me pause.

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  1. You have the BEST stories :) So glad you were able to capture the little guy, even if he didn't like it!!