Friday, October 22, 2010


Toby comes to the door of the office barking loudly when I knock on the door of the internet web design company where I've gone to get some work done. He is a large Lab cross - or maybe a purebred. When I greet him his tail wags enthusiastically and I go back to my car for a treat for this "working dog."

Like many fortunate animal companions, Toby goes to work every day with his human friend. She and I stand outside the office and chat while Toby frisks around checking out the smells here and there, but always returning immediately when he's called. Finally we get him to stay still for a photograph. But you can see from the photo that he'd rather be on the move!

Toby is a surprising 14 1/2 years old - whodathunkit? He runs around like a pup and has obviously not acquired the many problems elderly dogs often do - arthritis, sore joints, and only has a slight greying of his muzzle. My friend took care of Toby who was her son's dog, while her son was off at college 13 years ago. He became bonded to my friend and never went back to live with her son except to visit. She had another pup at the time and the two were also bonded companions.

He loves to play, to walk to do just about anything, as long as he can be with my friend... that's his job - to take care of her and be her companion. He has a great life - and so does she - with her four-legged pal at her side.


  1. What a wonderful gift Toby has been to your friend. And given his good health at 14 years old it appears he has many good years left.

    Thanks for the introduction to a wonderful dog.

  2. Thanks Bill - he is a delight, he's polite and wags his tail with me but it's obvious my friend is the one he listens to... simply adores her and she him... some dogs are like that aren't they...

  3. Thanks to Barb for making Toby known to others. He is indeed a gift and I thank our creator every day. Everyone should have a loving pet and I have been very blessed indeed.