Thursday, October 21, 2010


While walking in the nearby woodlot with the dogs I noticed the crown of this very tall beautiful tree,  you can easily see the last of the fall leaves clinging to its branches high above the forest canopy.
 I was drawn by the sight of the few leaves at the top of this tree, and as I drew closer I noticed a gaping void in the massive trunk which must be at least four feet around..
When I got up close - I saw that the black expanse was big enough to hide a grown man, with several others standing on his shoulders - and yet when I looked at the top of the tree again - I realized it was indeed the tall tree whose top I had noticed from the distance. Whodathunk it was still alive? Obviously very old by its height, and amazingly healthy growing despite having its centre knocked out. Wonder what did that? Lightning likely... but this was a surprise that set me thinking about the wonders of nature and its resilience


  1. What an astonishing tree! So strange and amazing that it remains healthy. Looks like something out of a fairy tale or myth.

  2. Magical I agree - thanks for your comment...