Saturday, October 16, 2010

Newfoundland outport on Bonavista Bay

Recently we've heard about the terrible storm that wreaked havoc on the Newfoundland outports. This morning as I'm looking outside at the serene blue skies tiny breezes, birds at my feeders and quiet, I came across these photographs I took on a visit a couple of years ago to Newfoundland.

I was very fortunate to have a dear friend who let me use his cabin located on the ocean a few miles north of this we village pictured here. It was great fun to visit all the tiny outports but looking at these photographs I began to realize how terrible the recent hurricane must have been and the incredible difficulties it must have left behind for those living at the edge. 

As you can see, this village is right on the water - much of it a sea level. Even though it was sheltered by the peninsula in the distance, it still would have taken east and south winds head on. Many of Newfoundland's villages are at sea level - right on the water. They are so picturesque but I can't imagine living at water's edge and having gale winds and huge waves washing over my home. This particular village would have been cut off from the mainland as there is a large bridge over an estuary that joins the two. If that bridge went out - well you can imagine.

It makes me think about all the money and help that we as Canadians and other countries as well, send away from our homes to help others. I wonder how much we have done to help the Newfoundlanders - our own countrymen? Did we let the government send in armed forces and figure it was taken care of, or did we have tons of fund raising events like we do for other countries, accounts set up in banks, websites begging for help?

I don't begrudge a penny that is sent to help others, I contribute as much as I can when I can... to all these disaster situations. I just wonder if we always do the same for our own or are we like the shoemakers children? What do you think?

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