Monday, October 18, 2010

More family companions - Bozeman

As with all Labrador retrievers, Bozeman is another of the great four-legged friends and companions that are in my large family. He, like Ross, is a valued member of his immediate family group and he was also a good pal with Ross. He lives in BC and takes care of the little guys as well as the big sister in his family. That's his job.

In this photo he is walking in a salt marsh along the coast, looking up at his trekking companions. You can tell from his happy smile that he's loving being out with the rest of the gang for a big walk.

His sunny disposition (frankly I don't know a Lab that doesn't have the nicest personality - full of fun and kindness) makes him a treat to be around. Like Ross - he also makes himself available as a pillow and backrest for a child to rest upon while reading or playing. And he takes his job very seriously, making sure the little ones don't get into too much trouble and that any spills from sippy cups get licked up immediately as do cookie crumbs that fall on the floor.

There seem to be a lot of Labs or Lab crosses in the world - likely because they are such personable dogs - not necessarily the brightest lights but definitely one of the most loving and willing breeds I know. Always willing to play, to go for a walk, to catch a ball, or learn a new trick - especially if food is involved.

So to Bozeman, Ross, my Bliss and Spirit, my friend's Mysty and all the other labs around - we salute you! Great pals and family members whatever your age - dog or human!


  1. bev - a very old friendOctober 18, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    Labs are gentle and kind, this one looks so cute and smiling yes, I can see that. In the past I've had a Westie, Scotty and Airdale (that stood up to the counter and ate my Sunday roast)one day so long ago. Now I have two very different cats and in all, these animals warm our hearts!

  2. Thanks Bev - I agree all these creatures do make home and our hearts much richer.

  3. Boseman looks like he is in charge! What a beautiful labrador. I'll bet he is available whenever you want to take a swim. Such a great companion.

  4. Bozeman's human family sent me thanks this morning for his story and picture - the kids loved it - and yes Bill - Bozeman is always ready for anything - a true lab! Thanks all for your inerest and comments...