Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"We've been dumped!"

Along with another black sibling, these two adorable kittens - like so many others in both urban and country settings, found themselves literally out in the cold a couple of weeks ago. In the country - in a small mobile home park.

They need a home - the woman who took them in has a big heart, but a small home and can't manage any more cats, adorable as these are. The black one hasn't been seen by local residents in a while. Again like so many babies that are dropped off as soon as they are weaned, it is likely victim to the cold, hunger, a car, a fox, a coyote, an owl - the list of dangers unprotected baby animals face on their own is endless.

It makes me so angry that people don't care for the parents properly. Spaying and neutering should be part of the responsibility of owning a small creature. If you can afford to feed and take care of one but not more, then don't get the one until you can afford to have the pet neutered. We wouldn't have this explosion each spring of unwanted puppies and kittens if more people accepted that responsibility. All the humane societies and shelters are packed with unwanted babies. Rescue organizations throw up their hands in despair at the number.

"Oh my pet never goes outside, I don't need to worry about that..." or rabies shots or any other kind of shot is often the response.

I learned my lesson the hard way once by not realizing a dog I had rescued had not been neutered. I was one of the lucky ones and was able to find homes for the resulting puppies. But that experience strengthened my resolve to support as much as I can all animal rescue organizations, humane societies and all those kind people who really do try to find homes for unexpected babies.

Please excuse my rant - but I do believe sometimes we need to be reminded of the plight of these tiny creatures, we can't just turn away and say - oh they will survive in the country, they can catch mice. Ten week old babies would find that pretty hard - one of these two was eating bird seed when it was found!

AND - if you can find it in your heart or your home to give one of these babies a home, or if you know someone, please let me know in the comments section of this blog. Or, if you know me personally, phone or email right away. These kitties have also been posted on Kijiji, and their are flyers around the village near where they were found. Please, let's see if we can't help.

And yes this is the second set of kittens I've posted, these not in my neighbourhood. But perhaps it shows a tiny bit of how big the problem is. Can we find some solutions together - to the bigger picture - as well as give these little guys a home - please?


  1. This blog demonstrates what true friends are all about. I am the woman who found these baby kittens and the situation was pretty desperate. Thanks though to an "underground" network of amazing women a forever home has been found for these siblings. I say underground because there is absolutely no support for cats by the municipality in the area they were found - apparently not uncommon. . . a little financial help would go a long way for some of these lifesaving groups. OK that is my rant. Thank you Barbara for caring.

  2. Thanks for your rant Classylady - I'm sure everyone will be happy the kittens have found a good home - thanks to you. It's great to be able to help and to spread the word that help is needed.