Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Find the rabbit

When I was visiting Newfoundland my friend and I hiked around as much of the province as we could - though sometimes we just went to a fabulous beach nearby and sat in the sun sheltered by some rocks since it was only late June and summer was yet to arrive.

One of the hikes we took was around a beautiful little lake about a mile from the ocean.

We saw lots of flora, but no fauna except for this little rabbit. I nearly missed it when I was shooting down the lake...but in turning to catch the mosses and ferns, I suddenly saw it - still as anything. It never moved for the five or so minutes that I stood there. Simply amazing. I wonder if it was camoflaging itself and confident since we didn't come after it, or whether it was just plain confident cause so many people made this hike - not a difficult or long one - about a mile around the lake.
The lake - isn't it beautiful? Like all I saw of Newfoundland full of surprises and real deep grab-your-heart beauty - everywhere I traveled - cities, villages, forests, rocks - a special part of Canada. If you've never been there and get the chance - go! I can hardly wait until I can return.


  1. wow.. what a stunning photo... i really enjoy the moody quality of the light at the horizon level... it emphasizes the stillness of the lake -
    beautiful... but also somewhat menacing... i could imagine some aboriginal mythical creature living there...

  2. ooooh never thought of mythical creatures there... what a great idea!