Monday, October 25, 2010

Animal-people bonds

This is Zoot - she is a purebred Arab - likely a Krevits Arab - a branch of the breed developed in England. It is one of the many horse that my friend seen here with Zoot has bred. This woman has the biggest heart... she has adopted so many abandoned, neglected or abused animals, dogs, cats, birds - you name it but one of her biggest loves is her horses.

She started breeding them many years ago - the first foal she ever bred ended up with me nearly 20 years ago. She and I became fast friends. I often felt like Zoot here, wanting to just put my head up against her tiny shoulders - say how much I care about her and what an amazing mentor, friend and example of the good in people she is.

Here she is with the farm donkeys and another older horse - Dilly - the full sister of my Shazam. What wonderful horses, and they like, Zoot, adored my friend.

It shows clearly to me, how animals understand, accept and return our feelings. If we love, they respond in kind, if we are afraid, angry, or hate - they respond to that too.

And deep bonds can develop with all kinds of animals, not just dogs (which we sort of expect).

A tip of the hat to my friend and her big heart and to all the creatures lucky enough to have come into contact with her one way or another.

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  1. I really admire what your friend has done here. Not only has she enriched the lives of her animal friends, but her own as well. I respect her tremendous sense of commitment for her fauna friends. Thanks for sharing this great article with all of us. Made my day.