Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turtle crossing

A long time and dear friend of mine moved to a new home last year. At some point in the summer she put out a sign saying turtle crossing. Her neighbours all loved it and commented on it. This spring she put the sign out again. 

The next morning she had a turtle on her lawn.

The following morning there was another one.

And again the next day, she found a new addition.

So it has become somewhat of a centrepiece in her neighbourhood and community, certainly "The Talk of the Town." Fun to see my friend who has never gardened in her life before with a vegetable garden and  lots of perennials as you can see. She takes care of not only her own garden and lawn but her next door neighbour's  as well because the fellow isn't as strong as he used to be and is long past "retirement" age.

She also has begun to watch birds and has hung up feeders and put in a bird bath attracting all kinds of avian attention as well as adding to the interest and activity in her community.

Fun to see what a little bit of whimsy will do.


  1. I love this idea! I'm going to put up a sign myself and we will see what happens! It reminds me of an activity my kids and I embark on each winter. During the dark eveing hours in January we sneak up to unsuspecting neighbours houses...and build them a snowman! In the morning they awake to find a cheerful , quirky, often lopsided, snowman on their front lawns!

  2. love signs of humor. I have one that says "Beware of attack Cat"
    and there lays the cat, as usual, asleep! Love your work. Must get to know you.