Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My pond this fall

Last evening I took my camera and went looking for things to put on my blog. I found several, the most amazing was the fishes in my pond coming to the surface looking for supper. Unfortunately, they move so quickly that I moved with them trying to follow them with the camera - I'll add one more blurry picture to show you... it was quite funny even though I was at the other side of the pond and sure I was staying still...obviously I wasn't.

These fish are very shy and hide in the long roots of the water hyacinth. I have removed quite a few of these plants from the pond as they were choking the surface, and also pruned the roots of several more...perhaps that's why the fish have been coming to the surface more. Also I've begun feeding them in the morning and evening.
You can see here four of the seven fish with the little bit of the funnel that sprays water into the pond - apologies for the blurriness.

So there were fish and then on the log that stretches across the pond, three frogs in a row - all enjoying the balmy evening air. You can just see one of them hidden by the rushes. There were many more than eight in the pond but I gave up counting. It will be interesting to see what happens when it gets cool... I suspect I'll be bringing the fish inside along with one or two of the plants for them to hide in. A new hobby - just what I need!

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