Thursday, August 5, 2010


Flora is an elegant and stately standard poodle whose person is a dear friend of mine. They live in a school house near a small community fairly close to Toronto.

Though she is regal, Flora also has a great sense of fun and thoroughly enjoys carousing and racing around like a mad thing. She goes on long six kilometer walks at least once a day with her person and other like-minded people and (I think) their dogs. The six K is their walk around the block - literally it is a block in the countryside. Flora gets the chance to explore the hedgerows and shrubbery along the walk since she is so well-trained that she doesn't need a leash on their long rambles.

She also loves to go to work - work being assisting her person with her landscape gardening business. Playing in her own backyard is another favourite thing to do. One of her more responsible jobs is watching out for and discouraging squirrels or rabbits which might decide they want to chew on the glorious gardens or special plants that wait for transplant in a client's garden.

Truly a great dog and wonderful loving companion for my friend.

photo courtesy Flora

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