Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maisie and Murphy

Let me introduce you to Maisie, a friendly medium long-haired tabby who is very laid back. She and her buddy Murphy (below) a part Siamese, own my friends Bev and Art.

They live across a small village road from Georgian Bay with a great view of the lake through the trees on property  fronting the lake. That's a great hunting ground for Murph as well, though Maisie seems content to stay in her own back yard defending it from the marauding cats that have begun lately to visit.

Both cats are indoor/outdoor critters, who spend much of their time in the summer lazing under the umbrella that shades one of the tables on Bev and Art's deck. They watch the birds and bunnies in the garden, but seem to accept that they too are part of the family. Bev throws carrots out for the baby rabbits early in the morning and the cats watch but aren't inclined to go on the hunt fortunately.

As with many cats, these two can be independent but they also love attention and sleeping on the bed or wherever they aren't supposed. Lovely creatures - who tolerate the many friends and family that visit and sometimes even welcome them.

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