Saturday, July 10, 2010

Haven of the Heart

One of the animal-related organizations I support is Haven of the Heart located in the countryside about 45 minutes north of Toronto. This young cat stalks along the fence with dog compounds in the background, heading towards a large barn where a ground to ceiling fence around one corner creates a safe outdoor area for about 75 or 80 unwanted or unadopted cats. There is also a pig barn that has been converted to house several more cats, a smaller barn that holds dogs and cats, a stable for the horses and other farm creatures that end up at the Haven as well as a large pond - great for dogs to swim in during the summer.

Ursula Hart owns and operated the Haven and it is exactly that a large safe environment for animals in need. She runs it mostly by herself, daily walking the 35 - 50 dogs on the 18 acre property, cleaning cat litter, feeding the horses and sheep, ducks and geese and any other animal that the Ontario Humane Society asks her to take in, or others leave in her care. Fortunately many people know about Ursula's big heart and volunteer to help her either financially or with labour. She is truly a remarkable woman whose love of animals has led her to try to help the homeless, abandoned and ill. She has personally paid for the repair and rehabilitation of broken limbs and also personally soothes the broken hearts of many of the creatures that land at the Haven. And there are many.

I learned of her through Christy Blatchford a journalist who at that time was working for the Toronto Sun. Christy now works for the Globe and Mail in Toronto and wrote recently that Ursula's mother wasn't doing very well and was in hospital. Another intrepid woman who helped her daughter despite becoming incapacitated in her later years herself. I visited the Haven a couple of times and wish I lived closer to give her a helping hand. It is truly remarkable how Ursula has turned this small farm into a working rescue mission for so many "waifs" as she calls them. She is truly one of the earth angels.

It's summer now and heating bills aren't a big worry, but many cats have kittens, dogs have pups,horses foals, and many remain unwanted or abandoned. I'm sure there are other problems Ursula is taking care of as well. Do you think you could help?

The Haven has a charitable number and I know that if you thought you could send her a dollar or two, or Canadian Tire money, she would stretch it further than you can imagine. She sends a newsletter out to all those who support her so we can stay on top of what's going on at the Haven. The address is Haven of the Heart, R. R. # 1 Palgrave ON L0N 1P0 - Thanks for considering this when you are paying your bills or sending out other donations. If you want to learn more or get a phone number - please just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

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