Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting frogs

Sometimes it's very hard to find the frogs in my pond. They change colour depending on where they are lying, sitting or floating, and they lie among the water hyacinth plants that now nearly cover the water. Sometimes they stack up on top of the leaves and on top of each other as well. 

But every morning I look for them and see how many I can count. There were 11 one day and four another. Always fun to see how many I can find. Last summer at its peak the pond held 44 basking one on top of the other... the pond is only 10 feet by 13 feet, and not very deep - so it was like a gathering - froggie Woodstock perhaps?
Hiding behind the oat straw algae fighter

In the donut hole - a favourite spot
Another favourite pair of spots - notice the small one on the bottom has a green lower lip but the rest of it is brown - seems to be common with these frogs though some are bright green and some nearly black.

Can you spot the one floating among the lilypads?

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  1. Miss Barbara: This little froggy went to marsh street and this little froggy stayed home and this little froggy went wee-wee in your pond! Fun reading, you do so well, you must be an Editor?