Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A new addition to farm fields

As I was driving in the country a few days ago, I realized that more and more often I was seeing a new structure popping up. Gone are many of the windmills and out behind the barns or in fields by themselves, solar panels are popping up everywhere. Sometimes where one least expects them. This photo shows a barn that doesn't appear to be in use, but a solar panel and a hydro pole certainly look newer.

Across the road, no sign of solar panels but the barn seems to be in use for a gallery or gifts, however the field beyond is obviously under cultivation, as is the field in front of the barn.

Further along, more cultivated fields decorated with more solar panels.

This curious fellow is enjoying the sun, but certainly looks more like traditional style farming.

Buddies? Or mums?

Time for a nap in the sun.

This is the pretty farm house next to the shed full of donkeys, one of whom was so pregnant I  thought she might pop on the spot - the sweet wee gal. Love the old machinery decorating the front drive.

No sign of solar panels on this rolling property.

But quite a few on a farm further down the road.

One of the things I completely love about Northumberland County is driving along new to me roads, and discovering new things, and looking at how much of Ontario's agricultural land is much the same as it has ever been. Except of course for the solar panels, I often wonder what else technology will bring to our farmers. Do you?

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