Saturday, December 12, 2015

The favourite walk

Well I have to laugh - I go to upload a photo of Spirit at his favourite place in the world to walk - where he gets to be off leash and meet with his other doggy friends... and I catch him with his uplifted leg... only I could do that...but then I thought you all might get a chuckle.

Really what I wanted to show is the dog running into the back field looking for his pals... but today we get what we get!

This is near the entrance to the Cobourg dog park,
 Lots of dog walkers - both professional and family - often gather towards the front of the park... (that house in the background right is actually across the street.) It's a social time for them as well as the dogs.

Doggy social hour.

Spirit trots along the pathway to the back of the park. He usually stops to sniff every blade of grass, stump or tree. The park is a large 40 acre parcel of land with a bit of forest at the centre back filled with pathways only dogs seem to want to go along - they are quite low in Summer and dogs delight in being hidden from owners for a while.

Partially hidden path into the woods.
Pathway back to the front gate from the back of the park. The place has large, shavings covered pathways and completely fenced so that dogs can't run away and get lost, though sometimes if they are having too much fun in the bush lot, one would think they were lost as they forget that they can hear and don't return to owner when called... giving everyone a bit of a laugh.

Cat  - a professional dog walker, and care giver - with some of her troop that she walks daily. All friendly and some, including the grey Great Dane Zera and a black one (not here this day) called Nigel who are great friends with Spirit. They all run to greet one another when they are at the park together and often walk together around the pathway that surrounds the woodlot.

And finally Gunner - a ten month old German Shepherd arrives and goes in through the double gates much to Spirit's dismay as he is in the car ready to go home Well not so ready once his buddy Gunner shows up. But I am.

There are anywhere from none to 40 dogs that are in the park at any one time. Pure heaven for a dog who has lost his brother and is learning to be an only. The dog park has been invaluable in helping him get used to other dogs and meet their owners - both of which he loves. Sometimes I think the people are more important than the dogs, but it has all helped this big black lab find himself in a new home and without a sibling.

Aren't we lucky to have such a place within ten minutes of our new home? All maintained by volunteers - wonderful people each and every one!

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