Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter's beginnings

Spirit loves winter - he greeted yesterday and its covering of snow with total delight. He ran down the hill and licked up mouthfuls of the white stuff as he went. This at 6 a.m. - dark and early as they say on the CBC of a morning.

He didn't want to come inside at all.

And today I thought this was a good way to restart my blog. I cannot believe it was October something or other 2014 that I wrote last... so much has happened since then. Thank you to those who have patiently waited and told me every once in a while that they miss Primarily Pets...
So this is our new backyard... Spirit's, mine and the two cats. There are no fences in the backyards that abut one another in this section of the village - as a matter of fact except for the occasional dog pen, or cow/horse pasture there don't seem to be any fences at all.

You can see our footprints in the sprinkle of snow where Spirit and I and the black cat Christopher as well took our first morning hike around the 2/3 of an acre. The north end of the property has a creek and one set of neighbours has constructed a wee wooden bridge for people to cross over and visit, or maybe go to the convenience store next to them. 

It's like a big park. And people are so friendly and amiable. We have been made most welcome.

Unfortunately shortly after we moved we lost Bliss the big yellow lab, and littermate of Spirit. He developed some sort of virus that made his heart beat at twice it's normal speed and ended up having seizures and all manner of things happening when he got excited... so the vet very kindly came and put him to sleep for me. But we all miss him.
Bliss and Spirit on guard with the giraffes (made by Michael Pocock of Clarksburg Ontario) late last spring.

So on we go, three critters and me... new adventures, new explorations and beginning of another winter and the warm up to Christmas. Already the chickadees and blue jays know we are here, though I'm not putting out feeders this year - at least not so far... the maple trees in the front yard are still full of keys which the squirrels are hurriedly trying to eat or bury. The birds just settle in when they want and chase the black and grey furry things away. Crows greet us every morning, and the occasional blue heron has left the neighbourhood, but not without stealing three of my fish... 

The pond is now covered with chicken wire in heron season and a broken open dog crate at the moment. Plus a couple of boot trays for shelter from any potential marauders such as racoons, or cats. Occasionally the giraffes guard the pond, much to the delight of the school kids who attend the Catholic Elementary School across the road. 

There are only four houses on this street, and the Catholic school and a tiny church that is well attended. The priest is owned by a big shepherd cross puppy named Jake who visits once in a while, as do other passers-by with dogs especially. I think Spirit can tell time because he has to go outside at certain periods of the day and then I hear him crying or barking to let me know to fill my pockets with treats because "he, she or they" are coming!

So it is that we have been welcomed... and now the lights are going up for Christmas... It's still November which I think is a bit early, but it is what it is... thus I will end this particular episode with a photo of summer on the deck... and you can see how much my little four-legged family have enjoyed our new home.

Eleia the calico, Christopher the black and Spirit all enjoying the summer day under the gazebo.

Thank you all for waiting for me to "get my act together and start posting again" and I look forward to writing about our adventures in our new territory.


  1. As always I feel somehow happier and connected to the world your world Thank you for making life real again in a time of chaos

  2. No idea why my profile didn't publish lol thanks Barb it's Sue

  3. I am the unknown lol Full moon tonight That is for sure

  4. This is so wonderful! I concur with Sue :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Stephanie and Douglas.... nice to hear from you

  5. This is so wonderful! I concur with Sue :)