Monday, August 25, 2014

The haunting cry of a loon

A while ago, I posted this beautiful shot by friend Mike of a loon sitting on its nest... notice how close it is to the water's edge? This cause problems for loons who try to nest on lakes and rivers where seadoos and similar small water craft go too close to shorelines at high speeds. The wash from their wakes often damages or totally destroys loon nests or harms babies.

 Fortunately for this mother, two babies survived. Often you can see loon chicks riding on the mother's back as they learn to catch their own food, fly and swim long distances. (Thanks again Mike for these spectacular shots.)

One of the most beautiful sounds to me, is the cry of the loon. Often it is haunting, sometimes when the nest or the bird itself is threatened, it sounds frantic. I've always hated the latter, but until recent years, it hasn't been something I've heard often.

But still, in early morning its call through a rising mist sings to me of adventure, of wild territories or unspoiled lakes. The same in evening, it brings me peace and a sense of the world preparing to rest. I've felt this way since I was a tiny child and a loon's cry was a signal for my family of something changing or perhaps a call from the wilderness.

I often wonder what a loon's call means to others. Do you feel similarly?

It often can signal the beginning or end of a new season... with fall approaching...enough said. May you enjoy a song or bird call today that means something to you.


  1. I feel as you do about the haunting cry of the Loon, and they are so beautifully marked, they look carved. Gawd, I wish boat and people in them would open their concerns for the waterways and birds living in and on them.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your concern... only when we all look at what's around us and become aware that the world may be our playground, but it is NOT ours to destroy will we be able to begin really taking care... thanks for your words that show you really take care