Friday, May 16, 2014

What is it? A rug? a blanket?

In April I started driving around to become familiar with my new neighbourhood.... and stopped suddenly catching sight of something most unusual as I glanced out the passenger side window. What on earth was that lying (I thought) beside the hay - a matted rug or carpet? A blanket?

Then I noticed there appeared to be ears attached, peeking above the green hay mow.

Dragging its head out of the fresh hay, somewhat reluctantly I thought, Mr. (or Ms?) Llama looked at me briefly chewing solidly on its hay. Much more interested in breakfast, it stuffed its head back down into the middle of its breakfast almost immediately. I obviously was not going to give it any food, so back to its meal...too funny!

And I wondered about it. I didn't see any others around, nor alpacas, often the two very different animals are kept together in Ontario. But fun to see one up close. And what a coat... I then thought that someone had a lot of hair there to card and spin. Interesting. Must return and find out what happened to this critter...

But don't you love it when you get surprises like this when exploring your neighbourhood or around and about? Hope you get some pleasant surprises this long weekend.


  1. Loved this blog, what a surprise for not only you but for your readers like me.
    Very interesting and too funny.
    You have a great eye for what the world has to offer.
    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for your kind words ClassyLady - glad you enjoy my sometimes different view of the world