Monday, February 17, 2014

Back at last

Spirit watches the little birds at a feeder, or perhaps it's the feral cat or even his brother Bliss further back down the yard as the sun makes an glorious entrance over the hill and into the sky.

We've been blessed with lots of sunny days lately and what a difference it has made, not only in my mood, but that of so many others. We've all been sick, or complaining about the cold - and there is no doubt it has been cold with lows at night around -30. Water pipe-watching time to make sure they don't burst, though the library in Cobourg the town where I shop, and visit that venerable building had its pipes burst just after the new year and will be out of commission for a while.

Snow forecast again for tonight, but finally it doesn't matter.

Did the snow freeze my brain? or just the screen on my window (below)
I love the lacy pattern on my bedroom window, but the snow is getting pretty deep and the dogs are beginning to go stir crazy from not being able to run off the property. To say nothing of how I've felt with the roads covered in snow and ice or if clear, then it's blowing snow to contend with.

But somehow it seems to not matter today.
A gorgeous red hibiscus - old as the hills since it came from a slip my dad started at least 30 years ago... but still blooming valiantly and seemingly with more vigour than ever. It sits in a pot with a pink one - also from my father...
And they all cheer me each morning. Even the geraniums that have stubbornly refused to bloom for weeks showed buds forming this morning - promise of spring? or just the sun on the windowsill?

Doesn't matter it's a precursor of spring... the days are longer, the mornings earlier and somehow all have contributed to a sense of well-being...of - okay now we can go and enjoy the deep snow, now it doesn't matter if it snows again for a bit, spring is coming and this extremely difficult winter everywhere around the world it seems, is slowly giving up its icy grip. At least that's what the groundhog whispered in MY ear.

Seriously - it is good to be back writing and scanning through my files for photographs of whatever strikes my fancy. I have lots to take - alpacas eating hay in the snow with a group of horses at one farm - need to capture that. And a solitary redwing blackbird hanging out with a trio of starlings, way too early to be flying north. Ice huts on the lake, skiddoos running along the ice highway they've created on the lake. A dad skating with his young children who hoot and holler with joy on the small ice rink he's shoveled from the ice in front of their cottage just below the hill. What treats. What fun. What joy!

Even the birds seem less frenetic and more relaxed as they fly to and from the feeders with abandon.
 So despite the despair that I felt some nights when it was -29 or -31 and I worried that the furnace might give out or the pipes burst, they didn't and the depths of winter are past for this season anyway. And I can enjoy the snowfall and especially the sun when we're out walking. Today I even let the dogs plunge in the deep snow for a while - hard on their arthritic hips I'm sure, but the joyful romping around was worth it I figure.
 And brilliant sunsets over the lake will seem more so, as spring breaks winter's hold.

May you NOT have experienced any problems with winter, but enjoyed the snow and cold weather and been safe, healthy and full of joy throughout. And if you've had the odd bout of doubt as to whether spring will ever arrive - that nutty red wing blackbird showing up, the increasing number of bunny and deer tracks around the property, the twitter of little birds as they once again find their voices (doesn't it seem as if only crows and blue jays make sounds during the winter months?) might reassure you as they do me. Hope this long weekend was fun and filled with laughter for each and every one.

And for those of you who have kept an eye on this spot wondering if I might return - thank you so much. You are terrific. And I'm very grateful - now off to see if I can find some alpacas!


  1. As you likely expect I've enjoyed every last minute of this cold winter. Snowing moderately today but a couple days of warmer weather at the end of the week expected before the cold returns over the weekend. Loved the first picture Barbara! Beautiful where you live!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bill - and yes you of all people will have totally enjoyed the winter. You are such a terrific outdoorsman. And yes too - this area with its rolling hills and homes hidden in the forests is very beautiful. Hope you get to have more snow if that's what you wish - we're certainly going to get more despite the threat of rain tomorrow - but this year, I'll be glad to see more signs of spring and do enjoy the conversations of the birds.