Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday morning

It's early, but these four have been awake for longer than I have. I tried to get them all together. Bliss had been lying down next to Spirit but just as I got up to take a photo, he hopped over his brother for a drink and that was more important than lying down for any silly old picture.

So Sunday mornings are pretty quiet around here usually. It rained last night, and the cyclists aren't out - yet. It's just about time. Many of them ride come rain or shine on the weekends training for I'm not sure which race, and sometimes just riding because it's beautiful to ride around here and it's challenging with all the hills. The swshshsh of their tires or a call to tell followers the way is their only sound from them.

The cats are on chipmunk patrol. Watching carefully from their perches on the edge of the deck. Throughout the day they most often can be found there or in the chairs when I put the cushions back on.

The dogs are just waiting - for a walk, for a squirrel to chirp in alarm, for something, so they doze.

The deck is damp this morning. The air heavy, the long grass along the edges where I meant to trim yesterday is heavy with droplets. No sun to make them gleam, but they seem to shine anyway.

What is so lovely is the silence, the sense of peace, broken only by the trill of a wren nearby, the sudden call of a bird as it moves away from the feeder if one of the animals startles it, or the tantalizing song of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak that's nesting in the spruce.

Sunday morning. For many a day of rest. For Mother Nature's creatures the same as always - a day to forage and feed those hungry babies...snails will be on stems of grass along the pathways and I'll have to be careful where I step on this morning's walk. But that's for later.

For right now I'm going to drink in the peace, the softness of the morning and still my own racing thoughts to be in the moment.  To savour it.

May you have a blissful start to your day.


  1. Lovely post, Barbara! Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!

    1. Thank you Eileen - it's great to be back writing again, after getting caught up in the process of relocating. I have missed you and my other blogging friends. Hope you have a super day and coming week as well... thanks so much for stopping by.Always appreciated.

  2. Early morning always brings anticipation. Each day is different. Each unique. And that your animal friends share it with you makes it even more inviting. I enjoyed this. Nice view of your world.