Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scene stealers

Before  our recent spate of very hot humid weather, the clematis vines surprised me with a combination of the two varieties I planted several years ago, blooming profusely. Thirty plus creamy white flowers coupled with the pink striped mauve of huge blooms were a total delight. Mostly disappeared now, but definitely crowning glory in the garden as they climbed the netting tacked against the deck fencing and rails.

Not to be outdone, one of the peony shrubs threw out milk white blossoms, heavy, full and startling against the green grass and the cut leaf sumach which frames them.

In a neglected corner of the garden, filled with catnip, creeping Charlie, dasies and yarrow, purple calendula and heavy blossoms of pink peonies add a burst of colour, begging me to get busy with the pitch fork and spade to dig out the weeds and grass.
 Across the yard a burst of Sweet William's perfume and brilliant fuscia, hot pinks and scarlet also competes for attention.
Dead centre the fish in the pond swimming or just hanging quietly in the water, also catch the eye.
But the biggest scene stealer of all, and one that cannot be denied is:
 that big black cat Christopher flirts playfully with me, mewing in his little high pitched squeak to get my attention as I walk around with the camera... take me take me he seems to be saying, and then pet me, pet me, and most important - where is my dinner?

Truly blessed - that's me with these beautiful specimens of Nature's bounty this year. Even Christopher's coat seems to gleam more and be softer. Everything seems healthier, more lush, luxuriant and on glorious display.

Hope you find similar reminders of Nature's bounty and beauty today.


  1. Yes, all show stealers, your really do have quite a garden, don't you? Lovely!

  2. I love gardening, but this year with all the rain and cool spring, the plants have been luxuriant in their growth... amazing to me. I've been blessed... because it also means a lot of work, bending and stretching and up and down, with weeding and maintenance... so I get to do something I enjoy and exercise at the same time. It will be interesting to see what the next place I move to provides in the way of garden possibilities. Thanks for stopping by Bill, always good to hear from you.

  3. Are you planning a move? Or are you just thinking forward?

    1. Have sold the property to a great young couple who love it as much as I do apparently. Will be sad to go, but another new adventure awaits.