Sunday, June 23, 2013


Among the many things that have blossomed in my back yard garden this year, the little fish pond has been no exception. It too is surrounded by lots of growing stuff - most especially it seems to me, grass. Tall, luxuriant lush grass. Mixed with Queen Anne's Lace, black medic, red clover and a variety of other weeds and grasses that are lovely in the pasture, not so nice if you want to see the pond and the flowers I've planted around the edges of the pond.

But the fish don't care. They continue to breed, and grow fat.

As far as I can count there are 23- 28 of them. Orange, orange and white, white and yellow, and even a little black one whose pigment never got established when it grew large enough to change colour from its protective black.

Many will go to new homes, some I'll take with me, I hope.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about the fishes and the pond is the meditative quality of time spent watching them swim around, nibbling at plant roots, dozing in the shade of a log I've placed  across the pond, dancing in the water pouring out of the fountain or the recycling "waterfall" - not really a waterfall, never got that far with construction, but water does pour out of a pipe, oxygenating the pond.

Another quiet and special time is when there are no cars or other noises except for birds and natural sounds is the water cheerfully bubbling and laughing as it empties into the pond. At night and early morning this joyful music can be interrupted by the deep-throated belling of a frog. That makes me smile.

So I tried to get a video (it won't load onto Blogger for some reason) of the fish that come to the edge of the pond whenever I show up - particularly in the evening when I often feed them. They swim on top of one another mouths pop pop popping open and shut waiting for the little granules of food to land on the water. The biggest ones are the greediest of course, and often I throw a bit further into the centre of the pond for the little guys... and my favourite little black one - the renegade... guess he'll be coming with me, if only to live in a fish bowl.

But the pond has been a joy. Lots of work, but lots of fun. A place for contemplation but also for marveling at nature's wonders - the plants that live in water and bloom with such abandon, The birds that bathe and drink here, the frogs, snails and occasional passing through snake - all part of a small ecosystem.
May you have something happen today, or see something that makes you smile or brings you joy - life is such a wondrous thing!


  1. Fish ponds can be a lot of fun, and bring a sense of tranquility and enjoyment. Very meditative, don't you think?

  2. I love the meditative quality of my wee pond, and it is tiny - only 12 x 8 and about 2 1/2 feet deep - but the fish seem to be okay and thriving - and the froggies too, despite at the moment my lack of ability to do a whole lot of cleaning and maintenance... have done severe damage to my sciatic nerve in a dumb "I can do this" move with the push mower. Ah well

  3. Yikes, take care of that Barbara, I know how bad sciatic pain can be. Have been dealing with it for years in my back.

    1. Thanks Bill - it's the most debilitating pain I think I've ever experienced, but fortunately today (June 26 -) it seems to be much better - touch wood! So sorry to learn you've got this miserable problem... it seems to affect a lot of us doesn't it?