Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A new path

Early morning, and the fog lies heavily above the river in the valley below. The apple blossoms were out in profusion. The air warm - bees would be sampling the blossoms along with the flowers in my garden. The dogs were content to go and roll in the grasses that were growing in the pasture beyond the rock wall  along the edge of what I term the "side yard."
  Honeysuckle, lilac, tulips - all blooming more heavily than in previous years - the scent delicious as I walked around checking to see what was out, what needed weeding and what to do next.
Some days later, these beautiful iris along with the Montana Bluets began to bloom. More colour, more of Gaia's beauty.
A couple of weeks later, Sweet William - memories of my brother Bill - who though seldom sweet was certainly flamboyant as these glorious flowers are, competing with the Siberian Iris and Oriental poppies. And oh dear - the grass needs cutting!

The garden has been lush, verdant, and definitely it's showing off - could it be that it's giving me a spring to remember?

The past  two months have been turbulent in many ways, big decisions, lots of emotion, and then some illness making it difficult for me to write, or even want to write. But many people have been very kind and emailed to say "Where are you? and are you okay?"

Thank you for those thoughtful messages. So here's what's happening: I've decided to sell this property, and this has happened. A wonderful young couple will be moving in this fall. Where I will end up I don't know, but I may start another blog - about the process of finding a place to live.

There are many reasons for this new path I'm taking, most particularly that as I get older, it's less easy to manage this two acre property - maintain it at the least and continue to upgrade the buildings. The other reason is that my family lives more than three hours away. When I moved here it took only two hours to get here, but now, with traffic increasing, and no really efficient or sensible public transportation in this country, there are no trains to one of the most popular tourist areas in the province - it takes too long to come here or for me to go to the city easily and within a decent amount of time.

I'm looking forward to a new adventure, but I do wonder how the dogs and cats will deal with it. They'e only known this property and none do well with change - that alone will be an adventure! One I'm sure that will have its hilarious moments as well as difficult ones.

So I'm enjoying the beauty in my garden this year...
...the clematis - which has never had both kinds blooming at the same time, and all the others. I'm also enjoying all the creatures around the area, the calves, the young foals, and of course the antics of my four. So until tomorrow...have a wonderful day - and hope you can enjoy the beauty of spring here in the northern hemisphere, wherever you are and the luminescence of fall in the southern.

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