Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The weather outside was frightful..."

So it snowed, and it snowed and then it snowed some more beginning late Thursday afternoon. My brain froze. I could get out to take photographs, but write? Not on your life

Trudging around in the pasture with sleet, snow, high winds and up to six inches of snow for the last walk on Thursday night was hard. Friday was ...well it was. I'm glad I am one of the lucky ones and so are my four-legged furry friends. We had a fire, shelter and enough to eat.

Worry about those that don't? You betcha. Extra food out for the little birds who fought hard to find a place to eat out of the wind, stomping down the snow, to make a sort of shelter and pouring seed onto the flattened ground was satisfying. Checking that there is a spot out of the wind in the drive shed and food out for any stray cat that might need it - also satisfying. More walking satisfying in another way - I could actually get around in it. But it grew deeper and it got tougher as it became heavy. I'm not 20 any more, even though I feel that way a lot of the time.

Friday morning.
The sun came out - the dogs deepened the trail out to the arch and into the pasture. Many of the evergreens' lower boughs were caught in the heavy snow. And was it heavy. It was fun traipsing around with the dogs yesterday. But with snow over my knees in many spots, it was also hard work. By the end of the day, with the two of them breaking trails through it - particularly Bliss - they no longer wanted to head out for a last walk and were happy just to find a bush or bit of grass sticking up. After that they just stood in the path not moving. Okay I said sounding resigned but actually feeling like they did. They turned and bolted for the front door. Bed sounded good to all of us I think.
Looks pretty in the sun doesn't it? A true cold snowy Canadian winter day!
Bliss hunts for mice and moles. Spirit watches. We head out around the pasture, the air is warmish and the sun heats my face. What a glorious day!
Just a few of the pathways made by the dogs, mostly Bliss wandering around looking, stopping to listen and sniff the snow and the air, cocking his head to one side, then having his brother join him as he plunges into a special spot. I did a lot of laughing during this particular walk.

It's clouding over now, and we are supposed to receive another dump - but not of snow. Like previous weeks, we are about to enjoy (and I use the term very loosely) light rain, then heavy rain and temps above 0C. Do I need to rant about climate change? You've heard it all from me before and from others as well, but finally it's making it onto weather reports and network discussions.

There's no point talking to the converted - you already don't run your tap while brushing your teeth and turn out lights in rooms where no one is sitting, turn off the tv when no one is watching. You think about these tiny things, about walking if it's only a block or two to the store, take the bus if you can instead of the car or car pool. There are so many little things we can do that just become a way of life. But so many people don't give a sweet **** well insert your own word there...

So instead I'll say happy new moon to each of you, may you have a productive and happy day in whatever way you choose to spend it - and let's hope that one more person we talk to, gets it and gives a darn. We can't give up. For me the above and below photos show you partly why I want old fashioned winter not huge death dealing blizzards and hiccupping weather year round devastating crops, and helping people go hungry or without shelter. I won't give up. But I will share photos and silly stories when I can. Oh and happy Valentine's Day - it's coming soon!
 "What's out there?" they ask. They love snow, and know nothing about climate change - but rain is not a favourite in winter, for them or me - happy week ahead!


  1. Hi Barbara, I am glad your survived the snowstorm. I would think your dogs love the snow. It is great they can blaze a trail for you to walk along. Great post, stay warm and safe. Have a happy day and week ahead. And Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. Thanks Eileen - I'm feeling pretty lucky to be snug and able to walk in such a pretty spot - even when it's heavy going and yes the boyz love the snow - they are so excited all winter, they gulp down mouthfuls of it, bury themselves in it and just generally act like the big silly kids they are... thanks for stopping by Eileen - so enjoyed your post for the weekend - beautiful shots of your area and birds.

  2. There are some pretty thoughtful words and beautiful images here. I felt like I was there seeing the aftermath of the storm. What could be better than a beautiful winter day!?

    I liked this a lot.

  3. Wow, that's quite a bit of snow! The landscape does look very pretty covered in a blanket of snow.