Thursday, November 8, 2012

More beautiful yellow birds

Taking photos through the window doesn't always give the best reproduction, but I decided to post them anyway, 'cause these birds are so distinctive.

Their bright yellow feathers with the white swatches just make me smile. And when they landed in the tree next to my deck a couple of days ago, I felt as if I'd been given such a treat.

There were about 20 of them, hard to spot in the leaves so I consider myself pretty fortunate to have found a few to capture digitally.

These two males look quite content to just sit and wait. They had moved to this tree from a maple in front of the house that has a large feeder full of sunflower seeds next to it.

Their wings are so pretty - I was glad this fellow turned around for me to catch sight of the white on his wings.

And I learned one thing, not something new but one of the lessons I always need to be reminded of in this lifetime - patience. In my effort to keep them around for a while, I opened the deck door and tossed out some black oil sunflower seeds - not using my head and just enjoying them being around, I wanted them on my deck - closer! Well that was not going to happen - they took off in a huge flock calling to each other as they headed north to a neighbour's feeder - a neighbour who wasn't in quite such a hurry to see them up close! Well actually I think they were at work, but still, I could have waited. Patience is not my long suit.

Nor even my strong suit - all you card players know what I mean by that.

In any case I do have some photos and some lovely images in my head of this skittish group of beautiful birds. Hope you don't have that same tendency - the urge to hurry something along or force something to work, but can just wait and see what unfolds. I know it's more rewarding, I just can't seem to remember that sometimes.

And I hope that if you're patient today - something really amazing happens for you - like big yellow birds landing in your garden.


  1. I love the Evening Grosbeaks, the male is beautiful. Lovely visitors to your yard. I was lucky to see two recently in my yard, they are a rare sighting in Maryland!

  2. 'm very jealous, Barbara! I've never seen Evening Grosbeaks, but hope to soon!

  3. Thank you both for stopping by - these birds aren't around here much either but they are so beautiful - I've had a passion for them since I was a kid, inspired by my father. Hope you both get to see more or some in your case Prairiebirder!

  4. Evening Grosbeaks are amongst my favorite birds at the feeder. Only a few more weeks and we can put our feeders out!