Thursday, October 18, 2012

Please take me home - I'll be good!

Yesterday the dogs were due at the vet for their annual series of shots including rabies and all those other ones that happen every once in a while. It was chaos. The dogs love to go to the vet because it usually means that they're going to have a play day with other dogs in the fenced in area for dogs visiting for the day or over night. They get very excited.

So I was pretty surprised when they ignored the large dog crate with two small kittens inside - up for adoption that was placed near the front door - hard to miss. The kittens on seeing the big dogs, backed away to the far end of the kennel and tried to hide. But I had to get a photo of this little girl - a sort of grey/ginger coloured tabby - beautifully striped, very curious and busy - needing a hand to keep her in place for a photo shoot. Maybe, I thought. someone would take her home if I posted her picture?

Then I rounded up happy dogs after they had treats for being more or less good and got them back into the car. As I was going out the door, a woman came in with a carrying crate with a couple more kittens peering out. I offered to put them on my blog when I learned that the woman was part of an informal rescue group trying to find homes for these wee ones.

Then a young couple came inside and said they were interested in the kittens - so into an exam room everyone bundled, me with my camera to find the couple on the floor, reaching into the crate to pull out five kittens. I was astounded - so many in that tiny crate... but then it had only been a short trip.

Two fluffy ones and three domestic short haired. Three were ginger coloured, (one of them has a long coat)/ And there was a tiny very self-composed grey short haired tabby. A black and orange long-coated kitten with huge attitude, didn't like to be picked up, but had already won the heart of the young woman who had come to see the kittens. She thought she might take the orange long haired babe as well as the tri-coloured attitude filled mite. I don't know what happened after I left.

So I took a few photos - just in case one or two of the readers of this blog might know someone who would like to give one or two (or more) of these babies a home.

I'm not going to rant about so many kittens, the over-population of dogs and cats because of the lack of neutering but I will offer this one bit of information I learned yesterday. One young female cat, un-neutered, may, in a five year period have as many as 1200 kittens. If those all are left unsterilized and allowed to become feral - well I think it's clear what I'm trying to say. I also learned that it is cheaper to sterilize a feral cat than it is to hold it for euthansia.

Oh phooey I blew this photo... but you can see even though her eyes are blurry (my fault for jiggling the camera) how self-possessed this little girl is - and look at the tip of white on the end of her tail. So cute.

And we got the little black and marmalade calico up on the counter. What a pretty kitten - she doesn't like being held much, and she does have attitude - but several people have told me they like a kitten with spunk.

It was fun to watch them explore and figure out what was happening.
Oh where are we? What's going on?
So the short story is - if you want one of these kittens - let me know in the comments section of this blog, and I'll privately send you an email where these ones are located for now. And if you aren't nearby, but still think it would be a great idea to rescue a kitten, or a dog - please contact your local animal shelter. Or visit the Cause for Paws Animal Rescue site - - or other rescue websites in your neighbourhood. You never know until you've rescued a creature from a life alone, what an amazing experience it is.

If you don't want a pet in your life, perhaps you might financially support a spay or neuter clinic in your neighbourhood to help cut down on the number of unwanted feral cats. These clinics do work and many rely entirely on donations from concerned citizens.

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