Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travelling in other provinces - many stories

Holidays are very special when you get to travel to places that are new or familiar and loved. From early days this month I've been on the move, to celebrate marriages of family members.

The first one took place in Cape Breton Island. This particular rocky wild and beautiful part of Nova Scotia is remarkable. I've always loved it, visiting twice already, but long ago, s o it's much like visiting an old friend, but with new eyes.

This particular view looks over an ocean inlet - it was a moody day - sprinkling off and on as I drove north along the coastline towards the island.

Further along I approach a ferry which will take me across to the island which beckons - its rugged edges lost in misty soft rains.

Wayside spots created by highways and tourism departments allow cars to pull of and people to photograph particularly beautiful sites and vistas.

I'm excited by it all, savouring every time I can stop and drink it all in. There is so much more to see - to enjoy to ponder. My journey has begun with so much promise.
Thank you to all who have written about missing my blog - you are very kind. This story will continue - but I also may post most of the photographs in a special website... Suffice it to say this month has been filled with fabulous memories. More to share on this blog and if on another website - I'll let you know.

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  1. A wonderful, wonderful part of the world is Cape Breton Island. It holds both cultural history and wild lands. Wild enough indeed so that Toronto folk singer Taylor Mitchell lost her life to a pack of eastern coyotes a couple of years back. Wild enough, like much of the great, great nation of Canada so that wild fauna and people can live in each others habitats. A beautiful place, and yes wild lands hold some tragic happenings, but is that not the way of nature?