Monday, June 25, 2012

Spring babies

It's been a wonderful spring in terms of new life all around this beautiful countryside. While I haven't been able to write my blog, I haven't stopped carrying my camera with me and halting whatever rush I was in to capture a few images.

With my love or horses, it was totally natural to jam on the brakes and see if I could capture the attention of this young fellow, a Percheron with his mum. About two to three weeks old, this youngster had a same-aged companion lying down, and not responding to all my coaxing. to at least get on its feet.
Yesterday, no camera of course, but saw another youngster, very tiny in the field of Percherons.

The stallion is a lovely grey, most of the mares are black, but all the off-spring as far as I can tell are turning grey. My neighbour purchased a yearling two years ago. He was completely black... last year he was dappled with a greying mane and tail. This spring I noticed his mane is white... he's a beauty. His owner is training him to "drive" - which means we'll see him pulling wagons and sleighs with laughing kids on board. What a treat that will be.

This youngster with his fuzzy coat - about a month ago will likely be quite sleek today but his odd shaped star on his head will make him easily identifiable. I'll try to follow along and see how he grows.
Thank you to all who have written or called asking if I was okay and when was I going to start writing again. It looks as if - except for two weeks in early July, I'm back at writing... I've missed it - and missed the contact with all my friends and followers in the "virtual" world.


  1. Lovely photos, Barbara, I love foals!

    1. Thank you PrairieBirder... they're pretty neat aren't they? Your photo of the foals near you inspired me to find this thank you.

    2. Your very welcome!