Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red tail hawk shows off - memorable moments

I wasn't quick enough.

This huge bird on a bare tree limb watched me as I stopped the car a bit beyond where it was perched. I got a photo from where I was parked, but I was too far away to get a really good look at what it was I was seeing. Or to get a clear photograph... blurry when I later uploaded it to my computer.

And then as I reached the middle of the road - it spread its huge wings and with two or three strong strokes, floated away.
The flash of the red tail showed me clearly what I'd been looking at. These hawks frequent my area, but I haven't been able to get such a good photograph of one in flight or otherwise. That was certainly a treat for the day and an image I carry with me, along with the one of a bald eagle that floated about 20 feet above my head when I was getting the dogs out of the car for a walk... once again camera-less... but so fortunate to be able to retain the memory.

Hope you have some great memories or memorable moments today.

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