Friday, March 23, 2012

Cooler weather and the birds are back

I took this video because all these little birds are just a few of those that flew off my deck railings where I've strewn more seed on this chilly spring day. Unlike the previous two or three weeks, our "summer" heat has disappeared and we have traditional March temperatures - well perhaps a bit above normal, but not summer like.

Today there are showers and the grass is emerald, almost glowing against the grey skies, and the little American goldfinches are just beginning to turn colour - those males that are going to breed or hopefully breed this spring. Robins have been calling their cheerful rain song and hoping for a mate, one is even carrying nesting material into the huge blue spruce that hangs over the driveshed. At least one pair of house finches and a flycatcher appear to have decided this tree is perfect for them as well. It's like a condo complex - multi-storied with many different kinds of birds making homes in its branches at the upper levels. Some go deep into the inner branches and the hummers when they return will find spots to make nests as well.

It's a cool day, but reassuring that we won't be completely dried out by the time June arrives. Hope you enjoy your day wherever you are.
Spring beauty

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  1. Hello Barbara, I tried to watch your video but the link is not working? I do love your pretty daffies. I will stop back later maybe the video will work. Have a happy weekend!