Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

This past couple of weeks, I've been longing for snow, hating the miserable dead brown grasses - unprotected by their usual wintery white blanket. On Friday I went into town and enjoyed a long leisurely and totally decadent lunch in a restaurant with a dear friend - (I seldom eat in restaurants any more so this was a treat.) When we walked out the door mid-afternoon. The white stuff was well underway.

I sped home, not wanting to get caught in miserable driving.

And then the sun came out and graced us all with the loveliest clear skies, no wind, not even a tiny breeze to chill me through. I took the above photo at sunset. Because the sky was cloudless, there was no great colour, just the peace and calm of some snow on the pine needles, a beautiful evening sky and hardly a sound. Not even the call of a late bird  fetching a last minute snack.

Later, I took the pups for their last walk of the day. Snow had started to fall again. My tracks of earlier were filled in. Little did I know what would be waiting for me this morning:
(Taken out my front window) I could barely see the house across the road from me, the road is white though it's been ploughed a few times already, burying my already cleaned out drive. The trees and shrubs are laden.

Two hours later the snow continues, more heavily than before and instead of coming down, it's blowing horizontally, whistling off the drive shed roof, curling in around the eaves and piling up in deep drifts. It was already at least a foot and a half deep when I went to put the feeders back out at 7. It was still then, quiet, the times I really enjoy when it's as if I'm alone in the world with just the dogs and the birds... oh and the cats, but they refused to make an appearance this morning.

The skiers will be happy, the birds have tons of seed and suet, the dogs love the snow and had a great play while I shovelled the driveway and cleaned off the car. That I'll have to do it again shortly, didn't occur to me, I was still pretty dozey and hadn't had the first of my coffees.

But I got my wish didn't I? No more complaining for me and I'm going to be careful what I wish for in the future. Sometimes it seems that Mother Nature does listen. Enjoy your day wherever you are!

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