Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pets' antics make me laugh

Recently I placed a small mat in front of the fire, because the dogs and cats seemed to like lying by it.

However Eleia has a new game.

She crawls underneath it, and, convinced she's quite invisible, peeks out from one end. You can see the concentration in her eyes. Every time I see her under this mat I have to laugh.

Lately she's shown a great deal of creativity in finding ways to play and get rid of all that energy she has. She doesn't like getting her feet wet and way too many days it's been raining instead of snowing. Snow doesn't seem to stop her... but rain? high winds? This girl isn't going out.
And then there are the dogs - who also make me laugh. The morning game, which sometimes unfortunately, involves me. Unfortunate because it doesn't matter to the dogs that it's snowing or blowing, freezing rain or high winds... they want to go out, the colder the better, have me throw a toy and then watch as they attack one another and play tug of war or wrestlemania...I'm usually in pajamas and dressing gown, not dressed for poor weather.

What a crew I have.
And then there's Christopher, the serious one of the bunch. Except that when the dogs walk by him he extends a lazy paw and grabs at an ear or shoulder. Bliss ignores him or snuffles him. Spirit, the black baby, is truly a baby and waits, staring at me to help him get by the cat menace who threatens him.

Christopher is the boss of the house, though Eleia is trying to take over and they have recently developed their own wrestlemania game. Noses to each other then a paw up and knocking an ear, then a growl and into full wrestle rolling on the ground...

Christopher also keeps Oiler in line. He is Bliss and Spirit's brother, from the same litter and lives down the road coming to visit to cadge a treat or a walk. But Christopher terrifies him. The black cat stands between Oiler and the front door, staring him down. You can see from his intent look in this picture that he can be pretty intimidating if he wishes.

All in all, the animals in my life have always given me a great deal of pleasure, discipline because I must walk and feed them, and laughter. Their antics give me great joy -

Hope you find things in your life today that give you great joy - maybe your pets? or the birds you watch? or your family or friends? There is lots in life to bring laughter, joy and pleasure if we are open to it I think.


  1. Hello Barbara, it is nice to have all these pets keep you company and entertained. I love dogs the most so I really love your two dogs playing tugawar. But the kitty under the rug is cute. Wonderful photos, have a great day.

  2. Thanks Eileen - I so enjoy all your stories as well, all the critters who seem to own me keep me fit and young, though some days they're hard to keep up with