Monday, October 17, 2011

Morning mists

The colour seen here across the valley blew away this past weekend. But in this photograph I took last week from my deck it's an early morning, with clouds of mists rising along the various ridges to be found in the hillsides and valleys of this beautiful area.

The Spy apples can be seen still clinging to the branches to ripen as fall progresses, but they too blew down in the strong winds and biting rains and sleet of Saturday and Sunday.

Always it changes, the weather, the countryside, life itself.

So this morning I'm a bit melancholy but know that once outside in the wind and weather, I'll find something to interest me and warm my heart. Hope that you have warm and interesting moments as well today.


  1. After the heavy winds of the last two days our orchard had rained apples like it was a fruit monsoon!

  2. Oh Yeah - I get that completely... I've put a lot of apples that aren't what most people would eat out for the rabbits and deer - thanks for stopping by Wild Bill...

  3. thanks Melissa - kind of you to stop by - and thanks always for your wonderful taste of NYC - it's such a pleasure to read.