Friday, October 21, 2011

Dark rainy fall days

From the top of Blue Mountain just near the ski hills, I paused to take this picture. The sky threatened, black and forbidding. The day was cold and wet and the visibility of the islands in the background on the left and the other side of Nottawasaga Bay on the right hand side arrested my attention. I had to pull over and take a long look.

Until Thanksgiving, two weeks ago, the weather had been beautiful, balmy even. A true Indian summer. Since then the cold has set in with high winds and tons of rain. Even when the sun does peek through it seems a watery pale light, not the robust warm and welcoming heat of the previous weeks.

I miss the sun - it makes it so much more pleasant to dig in the bulbs for spring or transplant perennials that need to be moved. Even walk the dogs. The sleet does not endear the outdoors to me these days.

But we go out anyway. Dogs seem to insist on that. And once outside, it makes me feel good even though the days get shorter and darker.

By Christmas which is really only a couple of months away now, the days will once again begin to get longer and the snow will make everything seem brighter... this is the time for preparation for the snow. At least this year I might get all the chores done... the weather seems to make me want to do them quickly and without any fooling around.

Hope you are also getting some time to get your outdoor chores finished off so you too can enjoy the next season.


  1. Funny, although I love winter, it is difficult for me to see the fall transition from lively to stark quiet. Yes, there is beauty in this transition. Yes, it is a beautiful part of the yearly cycle. Yes, it leads to the pureness of winter.

    But it also reveals time gone by. Times that I will miss. And time that I will never get back.

    All part of the outrageous contrast of life.

  2. I agree Bill that every second gone is time we won't get back, for me some is more special than others and as I get older I try to savour it all...

    "...outrageous contrast of life" - I like that. You have a beautiful way with words. Thanks for stopping by, always such a pleasure to share ideas and images. I hope people visit your wonderful blog -