Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A special cat

Meet Jasmine. She's curled up on her pillow in the living room at my brother's cottage. She usually lives in a condo, so being in the wild with all kinds of things to hunt makes her very happy.

She's just come in from a long night outside with deer, mice, moles and who knows what other kinds of creatures to share her night-time world. After I take the picture she opens one eye but doesn't pay much attention otherwise, must have been a great hunting night.

Jasmine is Eleia's sister. I find it so interesting that they share a similar feature - it's as if their faces have been painted differently on either side. While Eleia is mostly white and gray with a bit of rust colour, when you look at her face-on, it looks as if one side of her face was made-up with dark and the other with rust.

These two sisters love the night, love to hunt and must be part Siamese with their long bodies and dainty features.

They make me think about families in animals and humans too - how there are similarities, but each member of the family is different in some way.

In the case of these cats, all of them (there were five or six in the litter) have some of the same colouring - white, peach or rust, gray and black. One is all black, one is similar to Eleia, one is all orange. I'm not sure about temperment, but Eleia and her brother Michael who looks a bit like her, are both very affectionate and friendly. Jasmine is her own cat. She adores her human and likes my brother and his wife who care for her often, but isn't really fond of strangers or other humans, though she and my brother's Ragdoll cat Henry get along just fine.

Interesting how everything and everyone on this earth, though all made up of the same stuff - electrons, protons and neutrons, are all different. That's my thought for the day.

Hope you have a good one and some interesting thoughts come your way.

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  1. The cat in bird feeder reminds me of the guys who chase the fish stocking trucks around hoping for a dazzling catch. Way too funny!!