Monday, August 1, 2011

One of my favourite flowers

Lilies capture the fleeting beauty of a spring and summer morning. For me they signify the endless possibilities in a day - colour, new blooms = new ideas, growth, completion and often - as in these few pictures - perfection in nature.

Way too often the day lilies pass - we are fortunate that there are many buds on these beautiful plants so their beautify, while transitory lasts longer than just one day.

Asiatics as well, seem to blossom for a week and then suddenly they're gone. But their beauty, whether captured in a photograph or just in our minds, lives on. Making gloomy days bright.

In my garden the lilies are bounded by beautiful white veronica whose stems are feathery and light beside the more vivid colour of the lilies.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine, a bit of rain to keep the flowers blooming and our spirits high when the heat is excessive, and much beauty.

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