Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"It's really hot, I just can't move," says Jinx LaRue

Meet Jinx LaRue, a little part shih'tzuh gal from Quebec where her former owner could no longer care for her.

Jinx has a medium deep voice which she uses frequently to let you know that she's terribly terribly hungry and needs desperately to be fed. She made us all laugh this past weekend at a cottage in Ontario's beautiful lake country with her "mmmmmmm, mmmMMMMMmmmm" and alert gaze as anyone went towards the kitchen. Ever hopeful.

Affectionate and game, this little gal just fits in anywhere and is a welcome guest.

We took Jinx for a boat ride and let the boat stop in a bay, jumping in to go swimming. She was invited (well not really invited but plopped into the water) as well. You could see she felt this was a grievous insult to her person when you looked into her dark eyes. She was not impressed! When her mum let her go she swam through the waves to the boat. She almost reached it and suddenly veered off in another direction.

We all laughed. When she was finally persuaded to get out, Jinx curled up on my towel and told me in no uncertain terms she needed to be wrapped up and petted and would I please give her some food after her arduous workout.

What a dog! What fun, and how lucky this wonderful little dog is to have found her way into the home and heart of my friend who adopted her.

Such wonderful things can come of rescuing an animal in need. And yes here's the pitch: At the moment there are a number of dogs in a Nunvut shelter that are looking for homes in the south because the Humane Society there isn't getting enough money from the small local population to help it continue. It's a very difficult situation. Lots of sled dogs remain unneutred, it's an expense many can't afford and their puppies are often left to make a life for themselves in the wild. Humans try to help but it's a big problem. If you can help, or are interested, check out this story http://www.nunatsiaqonline.ca/stories/article/048857_iqaluit_animal_shelter_set_to_shut/

Hope you have a wonderful day and are as optimistic about its outcome as the cute and ever-hungry Jinx LaRue! And bless you if you can find a way to help an animal in need.

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