Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall flowers

Early morning sun shines on these sunflowers planted by the birds. Some of them are spindly and some not so, but all are like their namesake - the sun, shining through a gray rainy sky.
Late blooming clematis add a delicacy to the often hot colours of late summer and early fall. Fall? Already? It certainly feels that way with the cool winds and very cool nights. Great for sleeping, but not wonderful that summer as most people know it - the three months of June - August are drawing to a close.
Deep burgundy day lilies combine with feathery white blooms of Veronica to create a lush image of summer heat.
And finally the late summer Melba apple. The wind is bring them down quickly and I'll have a box of horse apples to take to my neighbour shortly. But they look lovely on the tree... though the tree appears to have developed apple-cedar rust. That will be a pain in the neck to get rid of since I have not only my three domestic apple trees but many wild apples along the hedgerow, and cedars planted along the front of the property... oh well. For now I'm going to enjoy the slightly tart taste of the apples that the bugs didn't devour, and the lovely sight of the late summer flowers... all beautiful and meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. I'm going to be Scarlett today and think about the rust tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day enjoying some of your favourite things.

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