Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flower and weed names

Sometimes I remember to take my camera with me when we go for short walks around the pasture... from early spring a lovely little yellow flower shows up.

It's not as clear is it should be in this photograph, but you can see that it's like a little snap dragon type of flower. It makes a pretty yellow break in the green and throughout the growing season.

Then it goes to seed.

It's easy to see why someone named this  plant birdsfoot trefoil...those seedpods do like little bird feet...

Fun to realize that someone might have had a sense of humour in naming this vegetation that makes up an important member of the grasses and legumes that are part of a good hay crop.

Apparently this legume can withstand drought and is great for clay soils, which we have up here, and also important not only for hay crops but also to maintain pastures for cattle, horses and other grazing animals. No wonder we see lots of it up here - lots of cattle and horses, sheep, goats, lamas, alpacas and even emu!

Hope you have fun learning something new today... it's a lovely day - early start here with a delicious fog, sun shining through it turning everything soft apricot. What a great way to start!


  1. A fun post. I love looking at plants through other people's eyes. It gives me a whole different perspective.

  2. Thanks Bill - there are days when just looking at the ground and what's there can be so much fun... plants and flowers, wild or otherwise are another of my passions and you probably know by now... thanks for stopping by!