Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rabbit babies

The other day a friend of mine sent me a bunch of photographs he'd taken of little creatures under a hedge on his property. He knows how much I love animals and thought I'd enjoy this story in pictures.

After I'd ooooo-ed and cooed over this wee might that is barely a week old not even having its eyes open yet, I went on to the next. (My friend helped the baby back to its nest by the way, gently depositing it back snug with its brothers and sisters.

You can barely make out the tiny shapes and ears at the top of this photo in the centre. Mama rabbit has them well hidden.

Reminds me of Beatrix Potter's story of Peter Rabbit that my dad used to read to me.

Tiny bodies cuddle together in the nest mum has made by pulling the fur from her body to line the space and keep it warm and safe for the babies.

Are you cooing yet?

Tada! So small their little ears are hardly developed, eyes just open, snuggled down together, safe in their cocoon.

Today it's rare that someone would take photographs of these babies instead of calling an exterminator. Way too often humans feel that nature is invading "our" space.

On the other hand there are many, not the everyone in the world yet, but still many, who respect and honour life at all stages and in its myriad forms. My friend is obviously one (t whom I send out big thanks yous for these wonderful photographs) and so are you if you read nature blogs.

Baby rabbits bring out the oo and ahh factor in many people but they are no different than baby anything, just perhaps more appealing than a baby caterpillar or snake or shark for that matter. Nonetheless, all are part of the many wonderful ecosystems that make up this planet. We are blessed when we can share the awe that new life inspires and also blessed when we can work to help preserve it and the planet.

May you be inspired and blessed today by something new and wonderful.


  1. Barbara, here I am just realizing you have an awesome blog! These babies are soooo precious! What a wonderful post! I now have you linked to Capture! and will be a regular visitor. Cathy

  2. Cathy thank you so very much. I have admired your photography for quite a while now and actually try to learn from you. Your posts each morning bring a smile to my face since I adore flowers and gardening almost as much as I love animals. Your kinds words are most appreciated... thanks for stopping by.

  3. These are beautiful Barbara! I love baby anything, especially human babies and puppies, but these rabbits are precious. Soon to be out eating clover, I suspect.