Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stormy weather

Lately we've been experiencing (like most of world) some very different spring weather. Recently we had a series of amazing thunderstorm cells passing by. Tornadoes also occurred in parts of southern Ontario.

Then the sun came out. It always amazes me how the sun lights up the world. It's something we take so for granted.

If you have big sky such as where I live - you can easily see the difference sunshine makes. Here the black sky of the storm just passed, is a great backdrop for the trees east of me and along the roadside.

The blue sky that followed the storm also shows clearly the form that a storm takes - with this circular shaped cloud being the last edge of the gray skies for a short while anyway.

Weather affects so much of what we do, and it in turn is affected by what we do - climate change being the biggest problem. The current wildfires and floods, as well as the severity of the tornadoes are, I believe, evidence of how the carbon emissions are changing our climate and weather. We so casually throw pollution into the atmosphere with our excessive use of electricity, gasoline for vehicles, coal fired generators, - the list is pretty long. Many people are concerned but it takes concrete action to make change. I hope we're not too late.


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  2. Most people don't even think about the issue "I hope we aren't too late." I also feel this way and I indeed hope to help others to realize the severe errors of our ways, especially with regard to our egocentric look at our planet.

    Only the most stupid species would soil their own nest, so why do we?

    RE: weather, I think you guys have been a little stormier there than we are in New England, beaucoups rain and very cool, but certainly no tornadoes.