Monday, May 30, 2011

A rescue that will tug at your heart strings

"TrixieLU was dumped at Oakville Humane in March, 2009 and spent 10 long months there, a favourite of the staff. In January, 2010, she had completely given up, was dropping weight, and dying inch by inch, when Joan gave us (C4P Animal Rescue a call, looking for a home for her to die in.   We knew we were taking on a(nother) high risk dog. What we didn't know is what a little fighter she was. After two months of being near death, Trixie rallied because she had a new home, SO much love from Mark and Mitch and all our friends, donuts or blueberry muffins for breakfast, trips to the store in her opera coat, drop ins at the vet for, yes, more treats, other dogs asses to bite, doting aunts, admiring friends and neighbours, trips up north to Uncle Gervais' paradise retreat, the whole 9 yards. oh the fun of it all!  Trixie got another 16 months - when I'd cuddle her in her bed at night, she'd talk back to me under her breath just as if she was saying goodnight too... We let her go yesterday - her burden was too heavy. She was grateful, and died oh so peacefully. 18 lbs of solid love, and attitude. "

I'm posting this from Mitch's Sunday newsletter. There are days when it's a difficult read - so many lost animals, and way more that have been abandoned for which Mitch helps to find homes.

She is an amazing woman whom I first met just after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans while she was rallying the troops to get rescue teams, money and supplies to animal rescue people in Louisiana. I couldn't go to Louisiana, but I donated and have stayed in touch. Sometimes I'm able to help her find homes for the lost and the abused, the ones abandoned that end up (if their lucky) left behind in shelters and rescue organizations. And sometimes it's only that I send on her newsletter and encourage others to help by doing the same, and making a donation or even rescuing a dog, cat, horse - the list of animals this woman helps is endless.

Mitch loves all animals but Trixie was a real favourite.  Trixie couldn't have spent the past 16 months in a better place. Bless this little dog and bless Mitch for her big heart and her willingness to tackle almost anything when it comes to animals.

If you can - support C4P animal rescue, or your local rescue or shelter organization, or a specific  rescue group - there are several for specific breeds of dogs - though in Ontario not one for German Shepherd dogs. Please, if you're an animal lover, or just a loving individual, today (and maybe forever) help some creature in your neighbourhood. You'll be surprised at how it makes you feel.

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