Monday, May 2, 2011

A new visitor

It's been a couple of years since a rose-breasted gros beak has visited my feeders. Much to my delight and excitement as I was working away at a writing project, I happened to look out the deck doors for inspiration.

This beautiful bird had it's back to me and being black and white on its back, could have been mistaken for a woodpecker. But the stance was wrong for one of those lively birds that frequent my feeders.

I grabbed my camera and was rewarded with the opportunity to take several photos, this one with the little gold finch who wasn't about to tackle the feeder itself. Several goldfinches flew in and off as this big fellow carefully selected seed after seed, and crunched them in his powerful beak.

What a treat this was on a gray old day in the country. We've been sun-deprived for some time, so all surprises such as this are most welcome.

A warning to friends and readers who don't like snakes, a garter snake surprised me by slipping out from under my feet yesterday as it visited my wee pond and I will be posting it's photograph. It's behaviour was fascinating to me, but I know that some people dislike snakes so don't read tomorrow if you don't like those creatures.

And hopefully tomorrow we might have some sun. Happy May everyone!

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