Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A mixed bag

The boys have gathered, or a few of them any way. They inhabit the small feeder as if daring anyone else to join them in their conquering of the castle.

This particular rose breasted gros beak is one of two males which I often thought might be a pair, not the usual mated pair, but definitely buddies. Until, that is, I saw them battling over this particular feeder which is really way too small for such large birds. But the two of them until then had occupied it quite peacefully.

Then I noticed two female grosbeaks...aha I thought. The four continue to hang around together and none seem to care that the feeder is very battered. Whether it's the location, or the tray or the amount of seed, it's a favourite.

The goldfinches are three of many males. For a long time it was only males that visited, but now they are joined by a large number of females.

They seem quite comfortable with the larger bird, which also surprises me. The blue jays, redwings, starlings and grackles quickly drive the smaller birds up into the trees, but not these colourful grosbeaks.

Following the various groups of birds throughout their day has become a part of my own habit as I work in the garden or at my computer, do dishes or make food in the kitchen - more often peering out the window than watching what my hands are doing.

And then there are the squirrels and the frogs in the pond... and the fishes who are getting fat on goodness knows what. But those are stories for another day.

This morning is about the grosbeaks and their smaller companions - colourful, regular companions, with beautiful songs to enrich my day.


  1. I've also noticed that rose breasted grosbeaks tend to be tolerant of other, smaller birds. They seem to have a peaceful nature. And they are so beautiful.

    Hope spring is treating you right, won't seem to stop raining here.

  2. I have certainly miss your stories my friend! I have been so terrible about keeping up. I hope you forgive me :)